Process of Selling a House for Cash | Appleton WI

How to Sell a House for Cash

sell my house for cash

Hey all, Carter here with CB Home Solutions, and today we’re going to be discussing the process of selling a house for cash in Appleton, Wisconsin, or anywhere in the surrounding Fox Valley area. So when you’re looking at selling a house for cash, you have a few different options. Maybe you decide to list it on the market and hope for a cash offer through a real estate agent. Or maybe you go the other route & sell it to a local house buying company like our own. (fill out the form for a cash offer)

Sell a House for Cash With a Realtor

Typically the chances of this happening are slim. Maybe 10% to 15% if you’re lucky. Because I do hold a WI real estate license I also list homes for sale. I’ve helped other clients sell their properties via a cash offer, but most of the time it is financed conventionally. This is because a majority of people do not have hundreds of thousands of dollar in cash sitting around that they can use to purchase another home. And, mortgage rates are so cheap right now that it is smarter to borrow the money.

Sell a House for Cash to a We Buy Houses Company

So then your other option would be to sell it to a we buy houses company, like our own here at CB Home Solutions, and we can provide you with an as is cash offer and close in as little as 14 days. We keep the process very simple & straight forward. We do not formally inspect properties, we don’t require you to make any repairs or even clean out the property if you do not want.


The Process of Selling a House for Cash

What does the actual process look like for selling a house for cash? The first thing is you need someone to actually provide you with an offer. Without an offer, there’s nothing. It can’t be verbal. It needs to be in writing, a physical offer to purchase document. Here at CB Home Solutions, we just use the Wisconsin state approved forms, which is referred to as the WB-11. Very simple and very standard in that regard, but we would sign a contract with you. From there, all that needs to happen is we would send over the documents to a local title company… and I typically copy in homeowners on this email. We send over a message to the title company just stating that us at CB Home Solutions plan on buying the property at (property address), and attached is the offer to purchase for the following property.

The only hold up in a cash offer sale is going to be how long the title company takes to prepare the paperwork, unless there’s inspections or tests that need to be done. But us, a local house buying company, we don’t do any inspections or testing, so it is very simple. All we’re doing is waiting on the title company to be prepared to be ready. So give or take five to 10 business days, like two weeks is very standard in that regard. So you could do it at the beginning of the month and close by the 10th of the month or the 14th of the month. Anything along those lines is quite standard.

At closing the cash buyer only has to sign two or three documents. The first being the deed, the second being a utilities easement stating you’re going to get the utilities put into your name, and then the third being probably some sort of special assessment letter. But other than that, it’s very simple, very easy.

A cash house sale is going to be your easiest solution to getting rid of your house fast. If that’s what you’re looking to do, then you don’t have to wait on any lender restrictions that they might have as far as condition goes or value goes or anything like that. But if you have questions, if you are possibly interested in receiving an as is cash offer for your property, please fill out the form down below or go to our home page, which is, and you can get a free cash offer there. Otherwise, I appreciate you guys reading this. I appreciate you watching this video. And again, my name’s Carter. If you have any questions, fill out the form down below and I’ll be in contact. Have a great day.

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Process of Selling a House for Cash | Appleton, WI
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