Watch the video below if you’re interested in passive real estate investing…

If you don’t already know, our goal is to partner with others by purchasing real estate.

Throughout the past 2-3 years Bryan and I have bought & sold 30+ properties throughout an area spanning from Milwaukee up through Green Bay WI. In that same time span we have paid our investor’s interest on their money in excess of $100,000.

You might be asking yourself, “Why don’t I just take my money & do what you guys do on my own?”

YOU CAN! That is the best part about this business. You don’t need us to do it. But you can USE us, learn, & then do it on your own.

Why do some people choose to partner with us on the properties we purchase?

  1. No need to find, negotiate, or close the deal.
  2. Zero dollars in marketing cost each month to acquire deals.
  3. No management of contractors or timelines.
  4. Limited Liability in a purchase – secured by an asset acquired less than 70% of market value.
  5. Investment secured by a mortgage tied to the property.
  6. As close to a “passive” investment as you can get.

Our investment strategy is NOT a good fit for everyone. However, with the limited amount of properties we purchase per year – our investor spots fill up fast. Our goal is to provide our investors a great return while protecting their hard earned capital.

If you would like to have a conversation with Carter about how our process works click the link down below & schedule a “Real Estate Investor 20 Minute Call”.

P.S. All information & conversations are strictly confidential & will never be shared with anyone unless prior permission has been granted.

P.P.S. After a conversation I will provide material on past properties we have purchased, past returns earned, & upcoming deals to invest in.

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