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How to Sell Your House Without Spending $19,330 in Repairs…

Sell Your House Without Spending FORTUNES on REPAIRS

Have you been thinking about selling your house, but worried about all the repairs it needs? The kitchen sink leaks, the basement wall is cracking, the roof needs to be replaced…

You might be thinking, “how am I going to afford to fix all these items?”

What if I told you that we can purchase your property without having to make a single repair? What if, you could leave everything you don’t want & we will take care of it?

Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, let me tell you how it works…

Here at CB Home Solutions, we buy properties with the intention of making a profit. We either buy them to flip or to keep as a rental. We have ZERO intention of living in them.

What does that mean for you the owner?

We need to buy at a price that makes sense for us.

Now you’re probably thinking…“Carter, do you low ball offer people?”

NO. The price we pay is a direct reflection of the cost it will take to remodel the property to “like new” condition. Of course, we have to make money somewhere… but wouldn’t you agree that by remodeling a house we should get a higher price for it? (That’s our profit margin)

What about the other benefits to working with a company like ours?

  • You’ll pay NO fees and NO commissions when we buy your house. AND we pay ALL closing costs associated with the transaction out of our pocket.
  • We’ll buy your house in any condition, ugly or pretty.
  • We can get CASH in your hands within a few days of you contacting us. 
  • Need to use the equity in your house for another down payment? We can do a temporary rent-back & give you time.

The best part about all of this… it doesn’t cost you a thing to fill out the form below & see if we can help.

After you fill out the form Carter will reach out via telephone call. He will have a brief conversation about what is going on & ask you some questions about your situation & property. Then, if your property would work, Carter will come out to take a look in person to provide an offer.

What do you have to lose by filling out the form? If the property doesn’t work we will be upfront & honest.

Sell The Easy Way. Get Started Now...

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P.S. I am from Oshkosh. We’re not like those big organizations that operate across the U.S. We are local & can meet you today:)