Want to learn how we determine our offer price?

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How we help property owners just like you…

  • Buying an Inherited property which needs a lot of work & the kids don’t want to deal with it
  • A landlord selling a rental the tenants trashed over the past 7 years
  • Purchasing a house with past-due mortgage payments, while the owner is looking to move back into an apartment
  • Allowing a homeowner to sell their property which needs a significant amount of repair they can’t afford & don’t want to deal with
  • Assisting an owner with their moving process while allowing them to rent back & take their time moving out. And still selling their home as-is

Want our blueprint for making offers?

It really is this simple…

Question: How much do you pay for houses & what does the process look like?

Let me show you how I arrive at an offer:

  1. Determine how much we can sell the property for in it’s very best condition? We can always get more for a renovated property vs. an “original house”.
  2. Figure out how much we need to pay in labor & material to renovate the property? FYI: We hire contractors to do all the work on the property
  3. How much will the Realtor charge us when we go to sell it? (5-6%)
  4. How much in taxes, insurance, mortgage & utilities will we pay for the time we own it? (Average renovation is 90-120 days)
  5. What Can We “Hope” to make for a Profit? (In this business profit is NEVER guaranteed) We have made money & we have lost money. I prefer making money.

That’s our exact process for making an offer

If you are interested in getting an offer on your house fill out the form below & Carter will reach out right away to begin the conversation. He will have a quick conversation about the house & the reason behind wanting to sell.

Again, we’re not trying to list your property for sale. We can provide up to 3 different offer options & you can choose what works best for you.

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