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Should you be Afraid of Home Inspections

Carter: Hey all, and welcome back to another video. My name is Carter. I'm owner of CB Home Solutions, a local business that purchases property from owners like yourself. Now, this video is completely uncut. It is live in a certain extent. I'm of course recording this for your information, for your knowledge, but you…

Behind on Mortgage Payments: Can You Sell?

Ever since the unforeseen disruptions and financial hardship brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the American dream of homeownership hasn’t been all merry. The cost of living is continuously soaring, leading to an increasing number of homeowners defaulting on their monthly mortgage payments. If you’re struggling to finance your mortgage loan payments, you can seek … Continued
Advice and Help on Selling Your House Below Market Value

Advice and Help on Selling Your House Below Market Value

Are you worried about the hassle and challenges ahead and the potential difficulties in finding a buyer? You’re not alone. Many homeowners find themselves in a similar predicament, struggling to sell their property at a desirable price. But fear not, as there is a solution that can help you overcome this obstacle and expedite the … Continued
The Full Guide about Selling a House With Solar Panels

The Full Guide about Selling a House With Solar Panels

The number of residential houses with solar panels in the United States has increased dramatically over the last ten years. More than 2.7 million houses are estimated to have a solar panel system in place. Although installing a solar panel in your home may seem like a great idea, it may make the selling process … Continued

Title Problems at Closing: What to Do!

Be it with a real estate agent or FSBO, buying or selling a home is an exciting and overwhelming process that is made all the more difficult if you encounter title problems at closing. If you’ve worked for weeks, or even months, to sell your house or buy a new home to later encounter closing … Continued
The Ultimate Guide to Lender Required Repairs

The Ultimate Guide to Lender-Required Repairs

If you’re purchasing or selling a home, you’ll probably hear the phrase “lender-required repairs.” But do you know what it means and how it affects your home purchasing or the process of selling a house? Well, most homes could be better when listing. If there are only minor defects, such as a faulty water heater, … Continued
The Main Pros and Cons for Staging a House for Sale

The Main Pros and Cons for Staging a House for Sale

As you prepare to sell your house, you may wonder if it’s worth the extra expense and effort to stage the home for potential buyers. For some, the additional funds that staging can require such as preparing your home for appraisal are enough to say no. However, there are many benefits to taking this extra … Continued
Can You Remove a Spouse from a Mortgage After Divorce

Can You Remove a Spouse from a Mortgage After Divorce

Regardless of how tough you are, divorce can be an emotionally draining and logistically challenging process. And one of the many important aspects to consider is what happens to your joint home mortgage loan, the loan you used to purchase or maintain your home. When a couple decides to end their union, they often face … Continued
How Do You Avoid Foreclosure in the First Place

It’s Never Too Late to Stop Foreclosure. Here’s Why!

Foreclosure can be a scary and overwhelming experience for homeowners. Falling behind on mortgage payments can seem like a never-ending spiral, leaving many feeling helpless and alone.  But when is it too late to stop foreclosure, or are there always options to save your home? With the right information and guidance, homeowners can take action … Continued
What Happens to Tenants When a Property Is Condemned

What Happens to Tenants When a Property Is Condemned

Are you living in a home that is falling apart, decrepit, and unsafe? If so, this could be considered an ‘unlivable’ home — a slippery slope leading to legal issues, tenant vs. landlord disputes, and code violations.  In most cases, you can consider this property ‘condemned’. But what does that mean?  A condemned property is … Continued

The Main Causes for House Condemntation

When a municipality declares a property to be unsafe, it may be subjected to condemnation, wherein the entity acquires the property in order to protect other citizens. Property owners can choose to contest this classification or sell their property at a fair market value. A property can go through temporary condemnation until the owner makes … Continued
A beautiful house for sale in a Wisconsin neighborhood

Can You Lose Money Selling a House As Is In Wisconsin?

Can you lose money selling a house as if you are trying to make a quick buck? Sometimes, repairs, renovations, and replacements can seem daunting and too time-consuming for your lifestyle —- and immediate budget!  What is the solution? If you are thinking of selling your house as is, the best thing to do is … Continued

5 Tips for Selling an Investment Property In Wisconsin

If you are looking to sell a house fast in Wisconsin, it can be an exciting adventure. However, in current market, it can also be a frightening experience when you are unsure if the sale of your investment property will pay off in a troubled real estate market.  In this article, our experts will fill … Continued
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