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Can You Lose Money Selling a House As Is In Wisconsin?

A beautiful house for sale in a Wisconsin neighborhood

Can you lose money selling a house as if you are trying to make a quick buck? Sometimes, repairs, renovations, and replacements can seem daunting and too time-consuming for your lifestyle —- and immediate budget! 

What is the solution? If you are thinking of selling your house as is, the best thing to do is first understand if this quick fix is going to lose you money in the long run or help you save for future investments. 

We can help you determine if this problem can be fixed by doing in-depth market research. This research gives home buyers information about the value of their homes, how to inspect them, the local housing market, and much more. 

Does Selling a House Lose You Money?

Sometimes, the thought of having to carry out repairs and replacements on your own or through costly professionals can seem like the last thing you want to do at this stage in your life. Instead of paying money for immediate fixes (that may be needed), selling your house as is could be an enticing solution. 

But the real question is — will you lose or gain money in the long run with this method? In short, selling a house will lose you money.

Selling your house as is means that you are transferring ownership of the property while it is in its current condition. The potential buyer is aware the property is for sale by the owner and does not include any major repairs or repair costs in the purchase price. 

If you are selling your house as is to an investor, you could expect fewer commissions and home sale fees. However, this could be a lucrative offer for a homeowner who wants to sell their house to a business that specifically operates in buying properties for cash on the spot. 

On the other hand, if you sell your house as is to another homeowner, there could be issues with getting enough competition on the house to list it at a fair home sale price. Home buyers want to prevent any future problems with the home that can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. Buying a house as is usually means that something is being hidden when it comes to the condition. 

If you need help when it comes to selling your house as it is in a tough market, the best thing to do is contact a professional. We buy houses Wisconsin and can help you get the best deal on your property in no time at all! 

How Much Do You Lose Selling a House As Is?

The majority of home buyers calculate approximately 70-80% of the home’s total value from the sale price after renovations and replacement. This means that if you skip updates and renos, you could be foregoing nearly 1⁄4 of your home’s asking price.

There are pros and cons to either selling a house as is or spending the extra time and money on helpful renovations. 

  • Pro — Selling a house as is could be less stressful, time-consuming, and costly (upfront) than selling your home after renovations. 
  • Cons — Selling a house without any of the required, or advised, renovations can lead to a much lower market price, offers, and selling price. 
  • Pro — Homeowners will not need to take out a loan from a lender or pay any upfront repair or renovation costs out of pocket, which can be suitable for those in tight financial situations.
  • Cons — A buyer might leave the sale negotiations if there are issues with the home that are unaddressed during the conversations and contract negotiations.
  • Pro — Selling a house as is can lead to quicker mediation and fewer pre-sale meetings. 
  • Cons — If you want to sell a house quickly and can take any low offer, this can lead to skepticism about the quality of your home. 

But what influences how much you will lose? There are a few factors that determine just how much you will lose when selling your house as is.

Home’s condition

A home in good condition will sell for a higher price than one listed “as is” in real estate listings.

Improvements required

Home improvements can add significant value to your property. A house that would benefit from a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or addition will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if sold as is. 


The local housing market can influence how much your house will sell for. A seller’s market or a ‘hot’ area will boost the price of the property. 


Lastly, working with a reputable real estate agent and agency can affect the listing price, how the home is seen, the agent’s fees, and the agent’s commission. 

Consider getting a seller’s agent instead of a buyer’s agent to help you figure out how much it will cost to sell your home, what the local market is like, what small repairs need to be done, and what the local property taxes are. Make sure you ask the professional about the real estate commission before signing any contracts!

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A young homeowner making repairs on his house.

Is Fixing Your Property The Right Way To Go?

Should you fix up your house before you sell it? This answer depends on the condition of the house, how much you can afford, and the current real estate market. 

A house that requires extensive repairs will lead to a lower return in any market, but a seller’s market is usually the best option for transferring ownership of a house in need of a little TLC. If real estate is currently in a buyer’s market, buyers may not even spend the time or effort looking at houses that need extensive repairs or fixes. 

Furthermore, there are certain ‘fixes’ in your house that won’t necessarily boost the market value of the property. Homeowners can avoid repairing any cosmetic issues, electrical issues, driveway cracks, code issues, or part-room upgrades to save money. 

Homeowners should consider if homebuyers in the local area are in the market for fixer-uppers or those that need a little more effort. In some areas, homebuyers are interested in buying discounted homes that they can customize themselves. In other states, buyers may want to avoid paying $100,000+ on renovations and repairs. 

Another factor that can influence if you should fix your property or sell it as it would be the condition of the houses in the local area. If the homes surrounding your property are in a similar situation or condition, this can make the market analysis more promising for your house. 

Lastly, homeowners should consider how much profit they can make when performing repairs or replacements. Some repairs, such as kitchen remodels or garage additions, can add upwards of $20k to your home’s value, which makes the renovation well worth it. 

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Selling Your House As Is for Cash

There are certain steps that help you sell your house as is for cash.

Estimate Your Home’s Value 

The first step in selling your house as is for cash is to determine the value of your property. 

Figure out how much your house, property, and other buildings on your land are worth. You can do so by working with a realtor or realtor agency to carry out a market analysis, compare similar homes in the surrounding area, and identify the asking price point for your home. 

Find a Cash Buyer 

If you are selling your house as is, finding a cash buyer or investor is the best method to avoid unwanted fees or admin costs. 

Analyze The Offers

The third step is to weigh the different offers for your home, including the closing timeline, contingencies, and overall offer. 

Compare The Cash Value vs. Home Value

You want to make sure the cash offer you receive is comparable in terms of the house’s value. Make sure the offer is within the fair market value and the closing costs make sense.

Sign The Housing Contract

The fifth step of selling your house as is for cash is to sign the contract. 

Clear Escrow

Next, homeowners must clear escrow so they can transfer the title legally from the home sellers. 

Sign Closing Documents

The final step of selling your house as is for cash is to sign the document during the home’s closing. 


Determining the costs to sell a home in Wisconsin can help you budget for your fixes, determine the best way to sell your house as is, and find a reputable professional to aid in the selling and listing process. 

We know that doing this by yourself can be difficult.

That is why using a listing agent who can teach you about repair costs, property taxes, home equity, and home selling processes are a must. A professional agency can help all homeowners with flippers figure out how to list their homes on Zillow.

CB Home Solutions can help you by selling house quickly on your terms. Forget overspending on fixes and repairs that only lead to minimal gains. We tell home sellers the best place to list houses, the necessary repairs, and how to get the best profit for properties. 

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