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The Main Causes for House Condemntation

When a municipality declares a property to be unsafe, it may be subjected to condemnation, wherein the entity acquires the property in order to protect other citizens. Property owners can choose to contest this classification or sell their property at a fair market value. A property can go through temporary condemnation until the owner makes … Continued
A beautiful house for sale in a Wisconsin neighborhood

Can You Lose Money Selling a House As Is In Wisconsin?

Can you lose money selling a house as if you are trying to make a quick buck? Sometimes, repairs, renovations, and replacements can seem daunting and too time-consuming for your lifestyle —- and immediate budget!  What is the solution? If you are thinking of selling your house as is, the best thing to do is … Continued

When Is The Best Time To Sell A House In Wisconsin?

Are you considering selling your home? If you’re thinking about selling your home in Appleton or Green Bay, you’ll want to list your home at the time of year it’s likely to see the highest sale price.   Any real estate agent will tell you that home sales are higher in some months and lower in … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About The Process of Selling a House

Are you a homeowner? Have you been thinking about whether or not to sell your house? If so, you’re probably weighing your options and wondering, “How does the process of selling a house work?” Selling a house can be challenging for individuals who are new to it. However, the process can be streamlined and stress-free … Continued

Dont Waste Time Fixing These Things When Selling a House

With a red hot real estate market making homeowners consider selling their homes and moving to greener pastures, you may also be in the market to put your house up for sale. After all, with the median home price hovering just above $400,000, the chance to make money in real estate is still available.  You … Continued

How to Sell a Flood Damaged House

Homeowners can become overwhelmed by the damage caused by flooding. If you are thinking about selling a flooded house in Oshkosh, there are several things you should consider. If you are selling a flood damaged house, you might find it much more challenging than selling a home in pristine condition. If you are lucky, the … Continued
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