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The Benefits of Selling Your House to a Local Home Buyer vs Listing with a Realtor

Local Home Buyer Vs. Listing with a Realtor

Now you might be wondering what are your options when it comes to selling a house. Well, there is plenty to choose from. Just to keep this article simple, I am going to compare selling to a local home buyer vs listing with a realtor.

Pros of Selling to a Local Home Buyer

  • Quick transaction (14-30 days)
  • As-Is Sale
  • No Inspections or testing
  • No touring people through your house
  • No need to clean up the house prior to selling
  • Leave anything you don’t want behind
  • No title fees you have to pay
  • Start making plans to move right away

Pros of Listing with a Realtor

  • You get top dollar for your property
  • You are dealing with “licensed” individuals who in some cases can be more professional
  • You can list it as-is & sell whatever way you want

Most local home buyers do not go through any sort of training/schooling to perfect the craft of buying houses. This leads to issues that occur  because of an uninformed party & unprepared investor. Here at CB Home Solutions we have went through a training program called Fortune Builders. 

Fortune Builders is an investor training program that requires an upfront fee to join & they will continue to coach and train you throughout your real estate career. We have learned from the top home buyers in the country. Along with being apart of Fortune Builders, Carter Crowley, our co-owner is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Wisconsin. Because he is a licensed Realtor, we do have to uphold each transaction to the highest standard & make sure it is a win-win for both parties.

Cons of Selling to a Local Home Buyer

  • You Won’t Get the Highest Price Possible
  • “Some” home buyers are not honest & will back out of their offer

Cons of Listing Your House with a Realtor

  • Don’t know the exact date it will sell
  • Have to show the house multiple different times to sell it (random strangers walking through)
  • There will be inspections, tests, appraisals, & loans
  • You are always going back & forth with Buyer/Seller
  • Have to pay commissions, fees, & tests

So as you can see there are pros & cons to both scenarios. Now it is up to you which option works out best! For a no obligation offer on your property please fill out the form below or call us at 920-215-4201

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