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Cheapest Housing Availible in Appleton, WI

Are You Searching for the Cheapest Housing in Appleton?

Are you looking to live & possibly even own your own property for under $600/month? You might be thinking… is this guy on something?

The answer is no!

What I am about to introduce to you is the cheapest housing in the Appleton WI area. Now when we are talking about cheap housing there will be some sacrifices one may have to make. The first being proximity to neighbors.

The concept that I am telling you to look at is buying/renting a Mobile Home. This idea & concept has allowed people to live for as little as $200 a month & is proven to be the cheapest housing availible in the Fox Valley area. When people hear me talk about buying or moving into a mobile home they sometimes immediately say… “There’s no way in hell”… but let me introduce you to what today’s mobile homes look like. (See sample photos below)

cheapest housing

Now this particular mobile home will not be $200 a month. This picture above is just to show you how mobile homes have advanced throughout the past 10-15 years. You’re probably use to seeing the old 1970’s style homes that are falling apart, rusted out, & have debris piled up outside.

Here at CB Home Solutions we actually buy mobile home parks & rent out the individual homes/pads. If you know someone who has a park they are willing to sell please have them reach out to us. 920-215-4201

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