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Easy Kitchen Remodel – Seymour, WI

Kitchen Remodel

Easy Kitchen Remodel

Is your kitchen outdated? Does it have colors that make you cringe? Nowadays people are engulfed by HGTV & House flipping shows. They think DIY projects are for their weekends off.

In this article I will take you through the steps for an easy kitchen remodel that can drastically change the look of any kitchen. The following photos are features from our renovation project happening in Seymour, WI.

Step 1) Decide What You Would Like to Do

Are you going to completely gut your kitchen? Or are you going to make it a simple and easy kitchen remodel. Does it need all new cabinets, or can you salvage the existing ones & just paint.

Step 2) Get the Nessesary Materials

If you are going to completely gut your kitchen I would highly recommend hiring a contractor. You can go & pick out the cabinets at a local home supply store, but the process of installing cabinets is very difficult. However, if you are going to just paint the cabinets, you should be all in for under $500.  You will need paint, brushes, rollers, tape, new hardware, sandpaper, and cloth to clean up.

Step 3) Dissasemble the Cabinets

Dissasembling the cabinets in your kitchen remodel is easier then it sounds. Start by pulling out all the drawers & taking off all the cabinet faces. You will then want to remove all cabinet hardware. Make sure you have the face of the cabinets clean & prepped to begin the painting process.

Step 4) Let the Project Begin

For a more in depth tutorial as to how to prep the cabinets accordingly I would do your online research. For a brief overview on the kitchen remodel process I will continue. You will need plenty of space to paint & move your cabinet drawers & doors. You will also need to paint the cabinet frames to match accordingly.

Step 5) Final Touch Ups

Make sure you apply several coats of paint so the original cabinet color does not bleeed through. Then after assembling everything go through & touch up all knicks or scrates.

When it is all complete you will have a fresh new look on a kitchen that you love! From beginning to end I would estimate about 7-10 days of prepping & work. You don’t want to rush the process as it wil effect how it turns out.

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