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Evicting a Tenant – Neenah, WI

Evicting a Tenant

Evicting a tenant is one of the worst things when having rental property. The tenant hasn’t paid in months, has given you false promises of coming current, & now you have to deal with legal fees to remove them from your property.

Hopefully you get lucky & once you deliver an eviction notice they decide to move out. However, this does not happen 100% of the time. Everyday landlords in Neenah have to deal with evicting a tenant. If you haven’t had to experience the eviction process, sooner or later you will. It comes with the territory of owning  rental property.

Now the real question is what do you do when evicting a tenant? In my professional opinion I believe you can first try & work things out with the tenant so they do not have an eviction on their public record. The thought of it may set them straight & push them to move out of your property. If that does not work you could move onto the next option of “cash for keys”. What is “cash for keys” you may ask… it is the process of actually giving the tenant a select amount of money to move out of the property & not destroy anything on the way out. It could be anywhere between $500-$1000 dollars & it would NOT be paid till they are completely out of the property.

You might ask, “Why the heck would I pay them to leave??”. Well the answer is simple, would you rather spend thousands in property repairs, utility cost, attorney fees, & mortgage payments… or would you rather have the tenant out in a couple weeks time & the property ready for the next renter.

Evicting a tenant can be complicated but there are ways to make the process smoother. If neither of the above options work you are stuck with giving an eviction notice & moving forward.

The choice is yours on how you want to solve your eviction process. If the property is destroyed or the tenants leave a ton of garbage behind we can help. We will make you an as-is offer for your house & take care of the mess. We buy houses in Neenah & the surrounding communities & would be more then happy to help out.

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