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How to Comp a Property – Find Your Home Value

Hey, guys. Carter here with Crowley Real Estate and Century 21 affiliated, local Appleton real estate agent. And in today’s video I’m going to be going over how to comp a property, how to find a value on any specific property. And I’m going to be using a tool that only real estate agents have access to, but this is also something that you can probably look up on realtor.com, Trulia. You can use those resources to your advantage and really determine how to comp real estate houses properly. So we’re going to use a sample property that we currently own, it’s in Oshkosh.

So, what I’m going to be doing, I’m looking at all the active and sold inventory for the past six months. So we will do that, all active, all sold, past six months. And then the property, the subject property, that I’m going to be running comps on is right here, 915 Eastman Street in Oshkosh.

And then, typically, you want to compare other properties in the subject area. I’m familiar with the area and this is probably… We’ll do it in that square. So active and sold property within six months within the right area, neighborhood, everything like that. And then we’d go to what building style it is. This property, if I’m remembering correctly, is a one and a half story, and it’s about 1,300 square feet. So we compare it to like kind styles, and then within the 300 square feet up or down. So if it’s 1,300 square feet, we’ll go to 1,000, we’ll go to 1,600. That gives us 12 results. So as you can see, we will search. The property should come up here, and is not. So, what I’ll do, I must have entered… It must be a two story property there, but we’ll do both of those, one and a half and two story.

There’s the subject property, 915 Eastman. As you can tell, here are some of the comparables. So that one is a three bed, one and a half bath, two car garage. What do we compare it to? There’s one on 833 Eastman. That’s down the street. That’s a two bed, one bath. There’s one at 812 Mount Vernon, three bed, one bath. And this is how we do it. So we compare these prices. We look at these. This subject property is really nice. It was all remodeled, you can see in the photos. This property is Oshkosh real estate. So Oshkosh real estate for sale. And these are the comparable properties for Oshkosh houses.

But that is the basic gist of things. That’s how we compare. And then what we would do, if I’m doing a full market analysis, I would input this house data into a program, and then they would compare the houses side by side and I would make adjustments based upon what I see. The bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, everything like that. Typically, for a three bedroom and four bedroom houses, you’re adjusting 4,000 per bedroom. For baths, you’re adjusting another 3,000 to 4,000. So, those are the adjustments being made to like kind properties, square footage. That really depends upon the neighborhood and what it is. But this is how you’d comp a property in Oshkosh, Wisconsin area. And if you’re looking for a real estate agent in Oshkosh, feel free to submit the form below. I’d love to help you out if at all possible. Again, my name’s Carter with Crowley Real Estate at Century 21. I hope you found the information valuable and have a great day.

The Guide to Running Comps - Oshkosh, WI Real Estate
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