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How to Find Pre Foreclosure Houses

Searching for Pre Foreclosure Houses?

Let me start off first by saying this… If you are paying for data on pre foreclosure houses in Wisconsin you are getting ripped off. Oh, and don’t forgot that most of the time that data is outdated & not accurate.

So what do you do? How do you actually find legitimate & accurate data for pre foreclosure houses?

In this blog post I am going to go over the step by step system to finding pre foreclosure data in the state of Wisconsin. I will break it down in simple to follow steps with screen shots on where to go.

If you are reading this as a homeowner & wondering how us or another company like us got your contact info, this is most likely the process they used. Unfortunately, in today’s society everything is public information & that is why you are getting phone calls/letters in the mail.

Step 1

Go to the Wisconsin circuit court site & click the “agree” to the consent question

pre foreclosure leads

Step 2

Go to the Search Tab & Drop Down to Advanced Search

Step 3

In the advanced search function you will have to input a lot of data. Here is the following information that you will need to find pre foreclosure houses.

  • County You Are Searching In
  • Case # Range: 2019    CV     1-20000
  • Case Type: Civil
  • Case Status: Open
  • Class Codes: Foreclosure of Mortgage

After you input all that information you will just click search & then the foreclosure records will come up.

Wisconsin circuit court

Step 4

As you start scrolling through & clicking on pre closure records please take this into consideration. Some of the owners listed on there might be ready, willing, & able to catch up their mortgage at anytime & could have ran into a small financial struggle. Not every homeowner knows that their information is now filed in the court system.

foreclosure houses

Please Be Aware…

The homeowner is typically 3 months or 90 days behind on their mortgage in order for it to file with the court system. If you decide to reach out to an owner in pre foreclosure please be courteous  & don’t step over the ethical line.

As real estate investors our job is to help homeowners who are struggling, not take advantage of them. If you are a real estate investor and you don’t know how to handle a mortgage that is underwater please reach out to us directly & we can guide you through the process.

Helping home owners who are in pre foreclosure is a very rewarding part of our career. If you are a property owner facing foreclosure & want to sell please fill out the form below & we will reach out asap.

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