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How to Stop Foreclosure Immediately in Appleton, WI

Hey you guys. Carter here with CB Home Solutions, and today, I’m going to talk about the ways to stop foreclosure immediately. When you are facing foreclosure, and you’re trying to avoid foreclosure, there’s only a few things you can do to stop it immediately. And the other resources, they may take a little bit longer, but they can also stop it. So number one, for the way to stop foreclosure immediately is to pay all your back due payments. With most lenders, you cannot make partial payments. You have to pay the full thing that is due. So, say your payment is $1,000 a month, and you’re three months behind, so you owe $3,000. You have to pay that and your current month’s payment to get caught back up, and then the fees and everything like that that the bank has tacked on your account. So, that’s the only way to bring the mortgage current.

The other way to do it, if you’re trying to just avoid foreclosure and not necessarily stopping it immediately, but to avoid foreclosure, what you can do is contact a company like our own, and we can help you avoid the foreclosure process by purchasing your home directly from you if there’s enough equity, but no matter how much you owe, we can still buy your house from you if you’re willing to negotiate a short sale with your lender.

And a short sale, a brief description is the lender is taking a lesser value than what’s owed on your mortgage. For example, if you owe $100,000 on your mortgage, your house is only worth 80, the lender would put potentially … It always has to be approved, they would potentially take 80,000 for the property and everything like that. So, those are the ways to avoid foreclosure, and the way to stop foreclosure immediately is to catch up on your payments.

If you cannot afford to catch up on your payments, see if there are any local community organizations that will help you. I know churches sometimes offer this if you’re a part of a community church or other government funded or associated boards, that will give you funds to help catch you up on your mortgage so you don’t have a foreclosure on your record.

So, those are my tips and tricks to avoid foreclosure completely or stop foreclosure from happening. If you have any questions, or you need assistance in avoiding foreclosure, just fill out the form on this page or contact us on our office line, which is (920) 215-4201. Talk with me directly. My name is Carter. I’d be more than willing to help you out.

I hope you found this video informational and worthy of watching. And if you have any questions or you want an all-cash offer on your property, like I said, fill out the form on this page, or contact us directly on our office line. Thanks so much and have a great day.

How to Stop Foreclosure Immediately - Appleton, WI
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