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Selling an Inherited Property in the Winter

Selling an Inherited Property in the Winter

Inherited Property

Inheriting a property can be a difficult task at times. If the property has been neglected for the past 1,2,3 years the maintanence can be overwhelming. And it can only be made that much worse when it happens during the winter…

When you inherit a property in the winter time you have to be aware of some important things:

1. You need to make sure the utlities stay on so no pipes freeze or the house grows mold because of the moisture. This results in extra water, gas, electric bills needing to be paid.

2. You need to keep the property free & clear of all snow so you do not attract any vandals. When houses are left vacant & never cleaned up anyone driving by can clearly see that. This attracts individuals to the property & can lead to break in’s of your inherited property.

Now when it comes to selling the inherited property, what are your options?

1. You can clean the property out (or hire a company) to free it of all the clutter & valuables that you would like to keep.

2. You could then list it for sale on the open market to get the highest & best price for the property.

3. If the inherited property is in run-down condition you may want to consider an as-is sale.

4. An as-is sale can be provided by companies like our own. We will purchase the inherited property without any cleanout required or repairs made. Of course we do account for this in our offer price.

5. You can clean out the property & then keep it as a rental that earns you monthly income. You can even hire a property manager so it is more of a hands off experience for you!

You can see from the above options that there is most likely a solution to your inherited property. In the end it will come down to what best fits your need at this time.

Here at CB Home Solutions we will walk you through each and every step in the home selling process. We will take the burden off your shoulders & help you through any situation you may be facing.

For a free no obligation offer on your inherited property please call us at 920-215-4201 or fill out our form below.

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