Sell a House With Fire Damage – Appleton WI

In this blog post, we’re going to be discussing how to sell a house with fire damage and the things that you need to know when looking at selling a property. So, if this was your personal residence or rental property, it may be affecting you differently. You more than likely had full coverage insurance … Continued

Can You Sell a House With Foundation Problems?

Hey you guys, Carter here with CB Home Solutions and today we’re going to be discussing, can you sell a house with foundation problems? And the answer is yes. It just depends on how you want to go about selling the property. What I want to jump into in this blog post is the different … Continued

How to Sell Your Ugly Kimberly House Fast For Cash

If you’re someone that is trying to sell an ugly house in Kimberly, you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever be able to sell your house. But don’t worry, you have options when it comes to selling your “ugly” Kimberly house. Read on to find out your multiple options. What is an “Ugly” House? First, let … Continued