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Sell a House With Fire Damage – Appleton WI

fire damaged house
We Can Buy Your Fire Damaged Property for Cash – Call Us at 920-215-4201

In this blog post, we’re going to be discussing how to sell a house with fire damage and the things that you need to know when looking at selling a property. So, if this was your personal residence or rental property, it may be affecting you differently. You more than likely had full coverage insurance on the property and your insurance provider allowed you to get a restoration company and to give you an estimate or a quote for how much it will cost to remodel. (NOTE: Restoration Companies Can Be Extremely Expensive When Doing a Full Restoration After a Property is Fire Damaged)

If you did not have insurance on the property, then you might be dealing with a different scenario. Maybe, you had purchased it for cash and never worried about having insurance, then more than likely, you will either have to sell it as-is or come up with the funding to remodel the property yourself. But selling a house with fire damage can be simple if you end up selling it to a local house buyer like ourselves, or you sell it to another local real estate investor. One option that might not be on the table is listing the property on the market with a realtor just because no one would ever be able to obtain a loan on a house with fire damage or that currently has fire damage.

So, your options would be too either, have the insurance company pay for the restoration costs or two, sell it to a local real estate investor that specializes in purchasing fire damaged property. At CB Home Solutions, we have purchased fire damaged property in the past and we currently have, in our inventory, a property that we just purchased that had a chimney fire. When we had purchased these properties, we do our due diligence so we know what we are encountering and purchasing and we can typically give you a fair offer after all things are considered, compared to what a remediation company or an insurance company would pay out.

If you’re looking at receiving an all-cash offer for your fire damaged property, please just fill out the form down below or give us a call on our office line, which is 920-215-4201. We specialize in purchasing fire damaged property and we would love to assist you if you are facing a similar situation. Thanks so much for reading this post and I hope you have a great day.

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