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We Buy Ugly Houses – Green Bay WI

Hey, you guys. Carter here with CB Home Solutions, and today we’re going to be talking about We Buy Ugly Houses Companies in Green Bay, Wisconsin, how to find the best We Buy Ugly Houses Company, and how to find out which companies to avoid.

Vetting the We Buy Ugly Houses Company or Person

Let’s jump on into it. How do you verify and vet the local home buyer that you’re working with to figure out if they are legitimate, actually helping you, and not taking advantage of you?

First things first. The easiest thing to do is check out the past people they’ve helped and  homes that they bought. Are they actually doing business in the area, or are they putting on a fake persona to make them seem a little bit bigger than they actually are? Do this through looking at past home purchase (link here) & checking out their google reviews, testimonial page, & facebook profiles.

Our Track Record:

I can tell you that CB Home Solutions has grown drastically over the past few years. We’re  on track to do three to four houses each month coming up in 2020. I’m recording this in late 2019.  You can check out on our main page the past homes that we’ve bought, or click the link above to check those out. We buy houses in any condition!

Most importantly it is to verify that they’re actually buying houses, that they’re active in the market. And maybe even if they’re newer, make sure they have the funds to purchase your property. That brings me to the next item to verify… You need to make sure that they are actually the end buyer of your property unless they let you know that they’re working with other investors to purchase your property.

“What do I mean by this is?” Sometimes investors use a strategy called wholesaling real estate. And these We Buy Ugly Houses companies, they have no plans or anticipation to actually purchase the home or your property from you. What they plan on doing is writing you an offer on your house and then assigning that offer to another person. They collect a little fee from it because they found the deal or the property. This can be extermely beneficial for the seller because this may allow the investor to pay more money for your property if they have a strong relationship with other investors in the area. We have done this in the past and helped the seller net $15,000+ more at the end of the day.

BUT THE BAD PART ABOUT IT…. if they cannot find that end buyer, they will just default on their offer to purchase. Then that leaves you two weeks down the road with no buyer in hand. You’re out of options and feel like the investor was very dis honest (they could have been).

How We Operate When We Buy Houses

In reality, when we make you an offer on your property, typically there is no negotiation after you accept that offer. I don’t want to lie to you and say we have not negotiated after we got an accepted offer and agreed on a price, because we have had to do that in the past because we would have lost money on the property if we wouldn’t of. We give the seller the option to walk away if they would like or agree to our re negotiation on price or terms. Typically, this only happens because we discover something that was not brought to our attention the first time around.

So either we try and renegotiate with you a better price that we can still make our numbers work, or we don’t end up purchasing the property from you. I hate to renegotiate. That is not why I’m in this business, but sometimes you cannot do anything about it. It’s a business for us. We cannot lose money on properties. So that’s kind of how that goes.

Does the We Buy Ugly Houses Company Use Reputable Service Providers?

Another thing to watch out for is do they have local reputable service providers? So title companies, contractors, real estate agents, everything like that. Verifying who you’re working with, the other companies that they work with to make sure they have a good reputation. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll want to do a circuit court search. I would recommend doing that. Get their information, their first name, their last name, possibly go on to Wisconsin circuit court and look them up, see if they have any fraudulent activities. Of course, don’t judge a book by its cover. Definitely do your research ahead of time, but that is how you vet and verify We Buy Ugly House companies in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Wrapping Up…

I hope you guys found the information valuable, and will take it into consideration with the next real estate investment company you come across. And if you need an as-is cash offer for your Green Bay Wisconsin house, click the link down below or give us a phone call at (920) 215-4201. I’d be more than happy to talk with you. Have a great day. Thanks.

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We Buy Ugly Houses   Green Bay WI
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