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We Buy Houses Oshkosh – Common Thoughts

We Buy Houses Oshkosh – Common Thoughts

We Buy Houses Oshkosh

Now you may be considering selling a property of yours in the near future & you see all the we buy houses signs around town. You might be wondering, are these people are credible source for selling a property of mine? The Answer is MAYBE…..

There are several “Investors” out there who are deceitful & will do whatever it takes to make a quick buck. That IS NOT how most companies operate, but there is always a select few. Most We Buy Houses companies are legitimate & will be able to give you a cash offer for your house.

Now in this blog I am going to debunk the Myths of local we buy houses Oshkosh companies… I will tell you the good & bad of going through a local home buyer. I 100% believe that We buy houses companies are the best solution to a housing problem.

Thought #1   They Low Ball Offer Me

In some cases that can be true. However, if the real estate investor is trying to create a win-win scenario for you their offer won’t be that far off. A typical investor may be looking to make 10-20% on their money. Meaning Per every $100,000 spent, they look to profit 10,000-20,000. So when you back into an offer of a $100,000 house minus $15,000 profit minus 10% for closing costs & fees minus renovation costs you will end up with your offer price.

Though #2  I Could Get More Putting it on the Market

You’re right, you probably could get more money putting the home on the market then selling it to a we buy houses company. However, just remember what putting the home on the market all entails…. You have to find a realtor, pay a commission, pay closing costs, show the property, have inspections, appraisals & loans, wait on an accepted offer, & lastly you never know when the house will sell. When we make you a cash offer for your house we will have a closing date established, pay all closing costs, & buy it in as-is condition.

Thought #3   I Can Remodel the House Myself

Of course you can, anyone can do some remodeling work! But let’s face the truth… very few people want to spend the time, money, or effort to remodel their home while still living there. It causes a mess, things aren’t always as easy as Youtube makes it look, & it takes way longer then expected.

We Buy Houses Oshkosh

These are just a few of the thoughts that we have heard homeowners voice when we were going through their property. A we buy houses oshkosh company may not be the best option for you. However, you might need to take a more in depth look at what your other options are.

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