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Leaky Pipe! How to Fix a Broken Water Pipe Underground

Broken pipes are being repaired in a house in Oshkosh, WI.

What’s more intimidating than fixing a broken water pipe underground? If you’re trying to sell a house fast in Milwaukee, you may balk at the thought of busted plumbing. The costs, time to fix the problem, and all the other factors pile up all at once.

If you’re struggling with fixing a broken water pipe, we’re here to help. Read on to learn about the different types of water pipe repair and how to solve the issue.

Different Types of Water Pipe Repair

Homeowners may be surprised to learn about several types of water pipe repair. When dealing with an underground pipe, many factors will affect your repairs. Here are three of the different kinds of water pipe repairs.


Plumbing repair is the first step to fixing an issue with your water supply. In this situation, the homeowner will find and repair the broken pipe. Selling a house that needs a lot of work is hard, so some level of repair is necessary.

Typically, the repair is best if a large section of plumbing has broken or ruptured. The crack or holes may be too large to patch. While cracks or splits are often fixable with epoxy resin or similar items, this won’t always work.

Instead, work to replace the broken section of the pipe. A damaged pipe can often be replaced, integrating into the existing pipe. This style of water line repair is the most common, especially for lines that are in good condition, save for damage.

Remove and Replace

Another style of repair is to replace the entirety of the water line. This style is the most extensive, costly, and time-consuming. However, it’s also sometimes a necessary step.

If your water system has old pipe installments, pipe leaks are likely. A sewer line has corrosive or harmful materials traveling through the sewer pipes.

Did you fix one underground water leak and find another soon after? Your pipes may have damage in several areas. Replacing the appropriate pipes is often the best choice.


In cases of minor damage, a quick patch job is sometimes doable. For this fix, the plumbing contractor or DIY enthusiast patches only the break.

This style is best for damage that’s localized and easily handled. If a pipe splits, the split may continue further along the pipe. These splits can travel further across the pipe despite being patched, causing further damage as they worsen.

But if you have a small pipe with a minor imperfection, quick patching can fix the problem. Most patches adhere from the outside, but some epoxy liners are usable from the inside.

Identifying a Leaky Underground Water Pipe

Is your water bill going up despite your usage staying the same? What about low water pressure in your kitchen faucet? Here are three common signs that you have a leaking water pipe.

Low Pressure

If your water pressure is inexplicably low, the most likely cause is that the water is struggling to reach the faucet. Oftentimes, this is due to the water leaking out through a break or something clogging the pipe.

A pipe clog is usually fixed by pouring something to dissolve or dislodge the clog down the pipe. However, leave this to a professional plumber. Your plumbing system is complex, and pouring corrosive materials down the drain without knowing if you’re dealing with PVC or a copper pipe is a huge mistake!

Water on the Lawn

Did you step out to your car today to find puddles in your yard on a cloudless day? Once your landscaping is affected by the leak, you can safely assume you have a busted pipe.

Finding puddles in your yard is often one of the more severe signs of underground water leaks. If the pipe is buried deeply, it’s giving off gallons of water to reach the surface. If you find inexplicable puddles in your yard, seek professional help!

Broken pipes are being repaired in a house in Oshkosh, WI.

No Water From the Faucet

What if you turn on your faucet and no water comes out? There’s likely an issue with your main water line. However, this doesn’t always mean a broken pipe!

A severe clog is a common cause of your faucet failing to flow. It’s worth having a contract plumber come to see what the issue is. If you have the equipment, using a snake with a camera down your pipe can help you locate any clogs.

When no water flows from your faucet, you can assume the damage is extensive. Empty pipes indicate that your pipes are too damaged to carry water. Even a leaking pipe can still transport water at low pressure!

How to Repair a Leaking Water Pipe Underground

How can you repair a pipe that’s buried so deep underground? If you’re trying to sell a house fast in Milwaukee, repairing your pipes is a crucial process.

If you’re interested in taking on a DIY plumbing project, you may want to repair the plumbing yourself. Here are the steps to repair a leaking water pipe underground.


Have you tried to snake or unclog your pipes and come to the conclusion there’s damage to the system? Your first step is to dig deep enough to reach the pipes you intend to repair.

You may require special equipment to locate your pipes and dig deep enough. It’s also important to know that some home improvements of this nature require permits and permissions. You can’t always begin digging trenches in your yard without permission!

Excavate the pipe and locate the damaged area. If you’re dealing with puddles or flooding in your yard, digging down at the source is the quickest way to find the pipe. If not, you may need to uncover longer stretches of piping.


Once you have the pipes available, you should begin to repair or replace them. Before you begin unhooking or removing any plumbing, ensure your water is turned off. You can check your water meter, most often near the road, to make sure you’ve done this task correctly.

From here, you should be safe to perform your fix. If you aren’t trained, it’s recommended you not try anything more complex than patching. Repairing or replacing pipes is difficult and making a mistake can have drastic consequences.

Furthermore, some pipes are not safe to work on without proper equipment. Sewer pipes or septic tanks are not for amateurs! You should contact professional plumbers for jobs of this severity.

Hire Professionals

Ultimately, the best choice to repair a leaking water pipe underground is to hire professionals. A professional plumbing team is trained to fix your issue quickly and safely. Additionally, they have equipment that the average DIY enthusiast would struggle to find or afford.

A DIY fix can end up taking too long, costing too much, and being too dangerous. Leave the job to the professionals and save yourself the hassle!

Getting Planning Permission to Fix Water Pipe

Did you know that the EPA will help you fix some pipes, such as lead-lined water pipes in old properties? For many plumbing projects, you’ll need state or city permission.

Different local governmental bodies have separate processes for getting planning permission. You should contact your local water provider, homeowner’s association, and other governmental bodies.

Need a quick way to locate these organizations? Consider searching “Planning permission for water pipe” and see what your state requires.

Building Codes to Know When Fixing Water Pipe

If you’re trying to sell your property, dealing with building codes can feel like a hassle. However, nothing is more important than staying up to code. The cost to sell a house in WI increases dramatically if you’re suddenly paying for half a dozen code infractions!

Unfortunately, as with receiving planning permission, building codes are often unique to different areas. For example, Florida has different plumbing guidelines to higher elevation states. The unique geography and swampy environment make it difficult to bury pipes in the same manner.

Research building codes near you and ensure you’re following the guidelines. If you’re hiring a professional plumbing team, they’ll know what codes to abide by!

Repairing Leaky Water Pipes Underground

Quick repairs can help you keep your home on the market. But is this the type of fix you can leave for the next homeowner?

You can attempt to sell your home after disclosing that the plumbing needs maintenance. However, many may hesitate to buy such a home.

Fixing plumbing issues can prove expensive and time-consuming. Cash home buyers in Wisconsin are less likely to want a home that needs weeks or even months of maintenance!

Staying Maintained

Proper maintenance and repairs of your pipes will help keep your plumbing system working well. You should schedule annual or bi-annual inspections of your plumbing to ensure nothing is about to break. While maintenance feels like a hassle, having your life interrupted by weeks of expensive repairs is worse!

Trying to sell your house? We buy houses in Oshkosh and other locations! Be sure to contact us to see what your home could be worth!

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