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How to Get Cigarette Smell Out of House Fast – Appleton WI

remove smoke smell in house

Today we’re going to be discussing how to get a cigarette smell out of a house fast. And what I mean by this is someone had smoked in the house for the last one, two, three, four years, or possibly only even six months, but it reeks like cigarette smoke. What should you do, and how do you get rid of that smell?

Steps to Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke Smell

So first things first, you need to remove the carpeting. Unfortunately carpeting does absorb that smell, as well as the carpeting pad. So of course get that out of the house, otherwise you will never be able to get rid of the smoke smell.

The next thing you need to do, if there is an extreme amount of smoke residue on the walls, is scrub down each wall with a bleach type mixture. Do some research online, and I will link to it right down below, but do some research, figure out what sort of mixture you need to use, but scrub the walls down. You’ll actually see the tar oozing out. It’s kind of a disgusting sight to see, but it is necessary if they’ve been smoking in the house for awhile, otherwise it will seep through your new coat of paint.

get rid of cigarette smoke in house
Nicotine Stained Walls

Another easy thing to do is have the duct work cleaned. Generally speaking, this is $400 to $500 depending upon the size of your house. Of course a larger house, a larger bill, smaller house, smaller bill, but normally right around that $400 to $500 range. This will get any of the soot or that smoke residue out of your duct work, which is essential to having clean air that you’re breathing in every single day.

When you start painting, you need to use an oil-based primer or something that will kill the odor. A good quality product is Kilz, K-I-L-Z. You can buy it at Lowe’s or Home Depot or any of those stores. It’s a very strong smelling product, and you do want to get the oil-based type of product. Wear a respirator when you’re painting with it, but paint the walls, paint the ceiling, paint the floors, whatever you need to do, and then go over it with your final coat of actual paint. This will kill any odor that’s lingering in the air, which is essential to getting rid of that cigarette smoke smell.

Final Step to Breathing Clean Air

Once you paint everything and wipe everything down, you do need to clean out the inside of cabinets, windows, & drawers. Somehow, the smell does get into there & will remain unless scrubbed.

After that, there shouldn’t be any smoke or odor remaining. But by cleaning the duct work, painting the walls with oil-based paint and then normal paint, cleaning the trim, ripping out all the old carpeting, removing any old flooring , you should have a nice new product.

Want to Avoid this Process – Sell Now

It can be expensive to remediate cigarette smoke in a house. But, if you want to avoid that process and get a cash offer for your property, give us a call on our office line (920-215-4201), or fill out the form down below. I Appreciate your time, and have a great day.

How to Get Cigarette Smell Out of a House - Appleton wi
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