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Sell My House Fast Online Quote – Appleton WI

sell my house fast online quote

Is it possible to get a fast online quote for selling your house? Nowadays more & more companies are able to provide cash offers over the phone because the amount of data & technology availible at their fingertips. It is the transformation of selling a house fast over the computer.

Can I Trust Online Cash Offer Companies?

When it comes to online services how do you know if the specific vendor or company is legitimate? Especially when it comes to selling your largest asset, is it really the right thing to do…

However, like everything else that is sold via the internet or social media – most of these companies have a reputation. In today’s society most companies that scam or rip people off get negative reviews instantly. They have no “social proof” that they company or product actually helps people, yet they still keep trying to sell. If you see a company has 10 – 2 star reviews and a couple fake looking 5 star reviews, would you do business with them?

The more people rely on selling property over the phone or online, the more they will rely on social proof. So how do you research a company prior to selling a house to them?

Researching Real Estate Investing Companies

First, I would start by typing the company name or owners names into Google. Nowadays it is very common that bad publicity will be on the first few pages of Google so make sure to do your research. Also, check to see if they have positive Google reviews for their company. The only way to get Google reviews is for the company owner to specifically request a review from each home owner that they work with. If the business owner tries submitting a review it was be noticed by Google & penalized.

Another idea is to look up the company owners on the state Circuit Court website. Do they have past lawsuits regarding buying/selling property? Do they have outstanding judgements or liens against them? Search the company name to see if they have any pending judgements against that as well.

What’s The Worst That Can Happen

Let’s say that you submit your information on a sell my house fast online quote form & you have an individual reach out to you. Our process for when someone submits a form is we immediately try & talk with the property owner on the phone. If we can’t talk on the phone we will shoot you a text. The reason behind this is to see if a company like ours can solve any problems that you are facing.

In most cases we can provide a ballpark number over the phone, but again that is situation specific. We rarely will make a sight unseen offer on your property as we want to account for any repairs that we need to make & would like to see the property in person. Ideally, if we do have interest in purchasing the house from the information you provided, we will schedule an in person viewing.

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