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How to Sell an Ugly House

ugly house

Sometimes you can’t sell the house you want to sell. You have to sell the house you have.

Perhaps you’re broke or rushed, and you don’t have the time or money to make home improvements, like finishing the basement or painting the house. Maybe even hiring a cleaning crew to scrub down your home seems like a financial reach. You simply need to sell your not-so-awesome house.

What do you do?

Money talks. If your house is something of an eyesore, you can still sell it. But you’ll almost certainly have to sell it for less than you could have otherwise.

“The price you we can pay for a home will solve all problems”, says Carter Crowley of CB Home Solutions. Even if the house needs a major renovation, if it is bought for the right price it will be possible. We can buy houses in multiple different ways depending upon the owners needs.

I’ve been through & offered on some of the worst properties you can imagine. Ten’s of thousands of dollars in foundation work, mold removal, fire damage…. you name it, we have probably witnessed it. No project is to big or small for us here at CB Home Solutions.

So as bad as your home may seem, it’s probably not unsellable. But you will have to lower the price.

Now you may be asking… “What should I expect to get for my house?”. Well there is no simple answer to this question. Most investment companies, including ourselves, offer based on a formula. This formula includes closing costs, profit, repairs, & financing costs.

The formula will differ from property to property, & also depends on the amount of work needed. For a house that is completely outdated & needs a full remodel, expect a lower offer. But something that is move in ready & could be listed on the market the next day, you can expect more!

If you would consider your house an ugly house, a real estate investment company might be your best option. We have provided solutions to dozens of property owners over the past 3 years.

Don’t assume the worst. You may feel down that no one would consider buying your home in it’s current state. But rest assured, we can help!

You may be facing any of the following:

1. Your house is outdated.

2. Your flooring isn’t very good.

3. You have no air-conditioning.

4. The exterior of the house looks shabby.

5. There’s junk everywhere.

6. You have minor mold and mildew issues.

Of course, you may wonder what a major issue would be, & we classify major issues as roof repairs, foundation, mold, water damage, fire damage, or a gutted property.

Focus on the best. So your house looks shabby in some areas. Work on making the best parts of your home even better.

There are great features to each & every house that need to be the focal point of a sale.

Now What Are Your options? 

  1. You can reach out to us here at CB Home Solutions for a No Obligation offer on your property. We can close in as little as 2 weeks & buy your property in it’s current condition.
  2. You can contact a local Realtor to list the home for you. For a local realtor click here

Don’t feel hopeless, we are here to help!

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