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Selling a Vacant House

Selling a Vacant House Oshkosh

A vacant house can be difficult to sell. There’s no one living in the house to keep it clean and perform routine maintenance. Rodents and other pests may invade the house without people living in it to deter them. The absence of furniture makes it challenging for potential buyers to visualize what the rooms will look like when they are occupied.

Empty Houses Still Cost Money

You can overcome some of these challenges with frequent visits to the house or by hiring professionals to clean and take care of the yard. This takes extra time and is expensive, too.

Vacant houses come on the market for a variety of reasons. When a property is inherited, the new owner may live far away and have no interest in relocating or keeping the house. Sometimes a property owner who has been operating a rental property may decide he or she no longer wants to be a landlord and would prefer to sell.

Often, a house may sit vacant because it’s sustained damage and the owner can’t afford to perform the repairs needed for it to be an attractive investment for a potential buyer.

Earn Cash Up Front

If you have a vacant property and would like to unload it, you may want to skip the hassle of listing it, preparing it for sale, and waiting for it to finally sell. Consider selling it through a service that pays cash up-front for homes.

At CB Home Solutions, we make the sales process quick and easy. We don’t require inspections, repairs, or disclosures; there are no fees, commissions, or closing costs to pay. From the time both parties sign the contract, the closing is fast-tracked to completion in as little as fourteen days. The process can be simple; just follow these steps:

  • Submit the online form
  • We contact you within 24 hours to schedule a property evaluation
  • After the onsite property evaluation, you’re given a cash offer
  • We complete the contract with the price agreed
  • You sign the contract and so do we
  • Our title company issues a clear title and schedules the closing
  • You sign the documents at the closing and receive your cash

Submit the form now or call us at (920) 215-4201 to start the process and receive your no-obligation cash offer.

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