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Handling An Estate Clean Out – Appleton WI

handling an estate clean out

If you are reading this article, a family member could have recently passed & I grant my condolences to you. However, you are probably looking for valuable information on how to properly & quickly clean out the property to either list on the market or sell to someone else. Normally, situations like this are never planned. So in addition to working your job everyday, you have the added hassle of going over the property on nights & weekends to organize or throw out items.

The Quickest Way to Clean Out a Property

The quickest way to handling an estate clean out is hiring a junk removal company. Of course, go through the home & take the items that you want. But after that, it might be best to just hire a company to come in & remove everything else.

How Much Does that Cost? Most junk removal companies will give you a quote for doing the whole job & that price is due upfront prior to work being started. We always try & negotiate half upon being started & half upon finishing. If it is a company we are not familiar with this helps the unexpected “stolen money from contractor” problem. But, let’s jump into the cost.

If it is a full house clean out with a lot of stuff remaining… it will be roughly $1300-$1700. It will take these guys 1-2 days at the most if they are working 8-10 hour shifts & they will have multiple workers there. They will either have a dump trailer or rent a 30-40 yard dumpster to remove everything. That cost will also include ripping out any unwanted carpeting & misc stuff. If you wanted the bathroom or kitchen taken out as well, there will be an additional cost to this so I would recommend leaving it as-is.

Some recommendations I have for this are below (Please Vet & Verify These Prior to Hiring)

Most Cost Effective Way to Clean Out an Estate Property

dumpster rental appleton wi

We just went over the quickest way to clean out a property which typically takes 1-2 days at the most. Another, more cost effective route is to rent a dumpster & do it yourself. If it is just 1 person cleaning out an entire property this will take 5-7 days of continuous work. If you have a group of people, it will take 1-2 days at the most. Now is the time to call in those “favors” that your friends or family had promised.

A normal 30 yard dumpster costs about $350-$400 & then they will charge you by the amount of weight in the dumpster. I would highly recommend https://www.citydisposal.com/ for all of your dumpster needs. We have used them for the last 4+ years & would highly recommend.

Typically, the dumpster companies will give you 2 weeks with a dumpster at the house. However, if you tell them CB Home Solutions gave the recommendation to use them, you should be able to keep it till you’re done!

Selling an Estate Property Before or After Clean Out

selling an inherited house
Inherited House We Purchased in Kaukauna WI

Now, the property is all cleaned out, or you are staring at loads of work to be done. This is where a company like ours comes in. We purchase properties as-is & the owners can leave whatever they don’t want behind.

Why might someone want to do this? Well, the simple answer is it is the most convenient way to sell a property. You avoid the hassle of listing it on the market, paying realtor fees, avoiding home inspections, having multiple showings, cleaning the property out, repairing it to a remodeled condition, & so much more. However, with that convenience the offer price is a bit lower. Our goal is to make a profit on each property that we buy, so with that in mind we can’t pay a full retail value.

In hind sight, even though you are not getting the highest dollar amount you will not have to spend any time or money on ordering dumpsters, hiring a clean out company or personally going over to clean the property yourself. If you are interested in seeing how much we can pay for your property click here >>

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