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In today’s blog post we’re going to be discussing the home selling process for an all cash deal. When you’re looking at selling a house, you can either sell one of two ways. You can sell it via a cash offer or through bank financing, whether it’s a commercial loan, a residential loan, or some other sort of seller financing.

Pros of an All Cash Offer

The one nice thing about selling it via a cash offer or a cash deal, you have zero bank involvement and you can close at an exponentially faster rate. Now with that being said, even if a property is not an all cash offer, it will not make a difference when it comes to how your proceeds are paid out. In one way or another you will be getting a check at closing for whatever the difference between what the offer is & how much was owed. If you have the property paid off you will get the full amount! 🙂

Timeline for a Cash Offer

Timeline is typically the biggest difference between traditional financing & a cash purchase. What does the process look like when you’re selling a property to a cash buyer? Typically speaking, cash offers can close within 14 days if need be. Otherwise, it will be a standard transaction length if you have no preference.

Did You Get the Proof of Funds??

Another thing with a cash offer, most home buyers or real estate investors will provide you with a proof of funds showing that you have sufficient funding to purchase the property. If they don’t have the funds to purchase the property I would personally tell them that you are not interested. Once you receive the proof of funds and you have the accepted offer and everything is sent to the title company, then it’s pretty much just a waiting game until closing.

You will schedule a time with the title company to sign all your seller side documents. The buyer will schedule a time. You can be done with your property in as little as two weeks like I had mentioned. You don’t have to wait on any pesky appraisals or lender stipulations, unlike the normal residential sale.

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